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Book Review: Eloquent Ruby

Eloquent Ruby

Guard and Capybara's save_and_open_page

I noticed a problem while running Guard where it would appear to malfunction and become unresponsive. The tests would still run or at least complete (according to growl), but I wouldn’t see errors and the guard prompt would never return. I wasn’t sure quite why this was happening. Here’s a sample of what would come up:

Using MAMP and Pow in harmony

I wanted to use Pow to serve my rails apps during development. However, Pow takes over all port 80 requests. This means that if you are also using MAMP (or any web server) for local development, those sites are inaccessible. I don’t want to run MAMP on a different port, so what to do?

Useful Rails blog posts

A list of specific blog posts (not written by me) that I believe are helpful for a Rails developer:

Ruby: Classes, Modules, and Mixins

Below is a short review of classes and modules. This post is written so I can cement these concepts for myself. The source material is Metaprogramming Ruby and is mainly a rephrasing of concepts from it. If you would like to understand more, I recommend the book.

Ruby and Rails Book List


Ruby Notes


Cloning a larger linux OS hard drive to a smaller one

I needed to upgrade my linux server’s hard drive from a traditional HDD to a SSD. Unfortunately the old hard drive was 80 GB and the new one is 64 GB. There are commercial programs for this purpose but I figured I could do it with freeware. To that end, you will need:

Building a better static page

In an effort to gain a better understand of the full stack in web development I tasked myself with improving my static pages. While I am concurrently learning web application development, I thought it would be beneficial to try and solve and better understand a static page. What follows are the simple tricks and tools that you can use to improve your site and its delivery.

Git Notes

Switch to remote branch

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