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About Michael Cordell

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My name is Michael, and I am a technical leader by way of self-taught full-stack developer. I live and work in San Diego with my wife and two dogs, Charlie and Stella. A picture of me When I am not “typing in different colors” as my wife lovingly terms coding, I enjoy reading, surfing, and lifting weights.

This blog is home to my fleshed out writing across an array of topics that that interest me. If you are interested in my more expansive (but rawer) notes, please check out my brain dump. The brain dump is notes written for myself. Those notes often serve as a precursor for articles written here for others.

My path toward becoming a developer has been defined by my twin interests in health sciences and development. Ever since I was a boy and my father brought home our first MSDOS PC, I have been eagerly immersed in a world of computers. I began studying programming in high school and have continued to improve myself to this day. I majored in Biochemistry at UC Santa Barbara while researching immunology. In 2010, I was drawn to Columbia University to study human nutrition. While there, I became involved in a functional MRI experiment and combined my interests in health, nutrition, and development to better understand how exercise influences appetite.