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Readwise Reader is what I've been looking for

A review of's Reader tool

2022 Reading

Review of my 2022 reading with recommendations and my goals for 2023.

Dockerized Phoenix Production Migrations

Running database migrations for a Phoenix application running in docker on production.

2021 Reading in Review

A review of the books I read in 2021 and reflections on my reading habits for the last two years

Text Aesthetics: Command Line UI/UX

Beautifying and modernizing your command line experience. A tour of emulators, text options, and prompt styling.

Better project environment management with direnv and asdf

Load per project environmental settings and runtimes while ridding yourself of multiple runtime managers (rvm, nvm, etc.)

MailMate email message references in org-mode notes

Adding email references in MailMate to org-mode notes.

Phoenix Development Environment in Docker

Creating a Phoenix webapp development environment on macOS in docker using docker-sync.

2019 Reading List

Michael Cordell's 2019 Reading List

Bulk Org-Mode to Github Flavored Markdown

How to export org-mode into a jekyll consumable format