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Using MAMP and Pow in harmony

I wanted to use Pow to serve my rails apps during development. However, Pow takes over all port 80 requests. This means that if you are also using MAMP (or any web server) for local development, those sites are inaccessible. I don’t want to run MAMP on a different port, so what to do?

  1. First, uninstall Pow, don’t worry you won’t lose anything.
curl get.pow.cx/uninstall.sh | sh
  1. Add the line “export POW_DST_PORT=88” to ~/.powconfig
echo 'export POW_DST_PORT=88' >> ~/.powconfig
  1. Fire up your favorite editor and open /Applications/MAMP/conf/apache/httpd.conf. And copy this gist at the bottom of the file.
  1. Restart MAMP (stop and then start the servers)

  2. Install Pow again and everything should be working.

curl get.pow.cx | sh

Most of this guide is based on this page